One More Brew.

The UK is full to the brim of classic trails, outstanding mountain passes and some of the best creative, media types, in the world! The UK continually surprises us with truly stupendous summers, but sports too, some of the more prolonged and decidedly miserable winters going. Off the back of these undeniable facts, One More Brew was conceived, as a last orders conversation. As I’m sure you’ll agree… Many a good plan does.

A community of folk who breath bikes, cameras, art and good brews exists and although they’re sometimes only a short distance apart their scenes and riding can be completely different. One More Brew is an open source attempt to build the scene, giving a group of talented creatives an identical brief with a limited time scale to complete their final piece. Photographers, Filmers, Illustrators, Musicians, apply within… an eclectic bunch of people who have a love of bikes in common and the passion to get involved and share the love.

One More Brew is also an attempt to reintroduce the fun, creative and joyful side of the creative process. Although I think we all love our jobs, the open ended briefs intend to provide a welcome, refreshing stance to the usual approach to the bread and butter commercial work. Giving those involved something to strive for and get out on maybe some less than favourable days. After a quick brew, of course!


Next up, the Summer Edition.

The Longest Day.